Softdroom launches Versuspay 2.0 in a bid to make QR-code payments the go-to for SMEs in Africa.

UK-based software conglomerate led by Nigerian-born entrepreneur Abel Adugam A. Nibori is set to launch a universal payment solution built on quick-response code.

Unlike other financial technologies that predominantly use the scan to pay as a feature, the Versuspay app is built around QR codes to simplify the payment experience between merchants and their customers within Africa by building financial technology for payments, budgeting and expense tracking on quick-response technology.

According to the United Nations, about 90% of retail transactions in sub-Saharan Africa are cash based and businesses lose about 40% and 60% of revenues through cash pilfering or miss out on sales opportunities due to issues with change, failed transfers or even targeted vendor frauds.

The founder and CEO of Versuspay revealed that “one major goal is to enable SMEs and everyday africans enjoy cashless convenience while also being able to spend easy and spend smart” as Versuspay’s universal quick response financial technology is positioned as the king of QR codes to drive financial security, health & inclusion by making SAFE, FAST & FREE contactless payments available to millions of businesses and their customers.

While Versuspay’s focus is to simplify payments by making payments even better through the use of QR-technology, the team is also gearing towards building a P2P network across Africa that allows users transact at lighten speed and also set smart budgets and also track their expenses. This new development is driven by its mission to also build better spending habits for users and promote financial health.

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About Softdroom

We are a UK-based global conglomerate, shipping software products spanning across variety of technology areas, from fintech to virtual reality and much more. Try Versuspay, our fantastic fintech product with the mission to digitize and simplify the payment experience in Africa.

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