Marony Travels Participates at the Dubai Expo 2020 with a 65-man delegate from Kenya.

The Dubai Expo 2020, the first world fair in the Middle East finally opened on October 1st, after eight years of planning. The event, billed to be the world’s biggest in-person event this year, outside the Olympic Games is already attracting visitors and global attention to the once desert country.

For the first time in World Expo history, every participating country has its own pavilion. The Kenyan pavilion at the expo reflects Kenya’s warm energy, hospitality and heritage. They want visitors to embark on a journey that takes them through the country’s agricultural and economic potential, to its innovation and industry sectors, to the hospitality and creativity of the Kenyan people.

Marony Travels Ltd, an international travel and tours company from Kenya knew the expo was a good opportunity to take a sixty-five-man delegation, composed of Kenyan investors and tourism enthusiasts, to the Middle Eastern country in a bid to showcase more of Kenya’s cultural and economic potential. The group from Kenya was hosted by the Dubai chamber of commerce.

According to the company’s CEO, Princess Yvonne Kilonzo, Marony Travels is committed to cultural diplomacy and fostering partnerships in the tourism and economic sectors between Kenya and countries with shared values. Dubai is a top travel destination for many Kenyans and for nearly a decade, Marony Travels Ltd has organized trips and excursions for hundreds of Kenyans including government officials and investors to Dubai and other hot zones for tourism and business in the Middle East and elsewhere.

For Ms. Kilonzo, there is no better time to visit Dubai than during the on-going Dubai Expo 2020, the months-long event that ends in March 2022. It is a chance, she believes, for travelers to not only enjoy all that Dubai has to offer but also to be immersed in the many different cultures of the 192 countries participating at the Expo.

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